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Climate Optimism
Climate Optimism

Celebrating Systemic Change Around the World (Environmental Sustainability, Doing Good Things, Book for Activists)
Biabani, Zahra
A Guide on Climate Optimism and Environmental Sustainability "If you want to be part of the solution, this book is for you." ―Kip Pastor, founder and CEO of Pique Action#1 New Release in Sustainable Business Development and Environmental PolicyZahra Biabani, a climate activist focused on hope and action, wrote this book to help readers learn why we need to and how we can stay optimistic in the face of the climate crisis. People are doing good things for our planet all over the world.... it's time we highlight it!Change the way you think about the future. The fate of humanity can be daunting, but we don't need to live in that space. First, we need to change our attitude in order to implement nature based solutions that help mitigate climate change. Good news: there are numerous encouraging environmental trends that will change the way you think about how we can protect the planet. Get to know Zahra Biabani, a climate activist, influencer, CEO, and writer. Zahra's content focuses on climate hope, optimism, humor, and doing good things. After unexpectedly establishing a career as an online sustainability educator and influencer her junior year at Vanderbilt University, Zahra decided to jump head first into the waters of entrepreneurship and authorship. Climate Optimism is her way to spread hope in the world.Inside, you'll find:A comprehensive review of the most promising climate solutions Practical advice to change the way you think and feel about climate changeTwo years worth of good news from the "Weekly Earth Wins" series Interviews with activists in the Global South working on projects that further environmental sustainability If you liked Not Too Late, Apocalypse Never, or Unsettled or books for activists centered on environmentalism like A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety, The Intersectional Environmentalist, or Sustainable Badass, you'll love Climate Optimism.
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