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The Witcher: The Lesser Evil
The Witcher: The Lesser Evil
Sapkowski, Andrzej

Rembis, Jacek

Gorham, Adam

Delpeche, Patricio
Comic and Graphic Books
A tragic tale of passion, vindication, and the root of evil is presented in this graphic novel adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's original short story.In search of a reward, Geralt brings the carcass of a slain creature to a small town where he is told it may be of use to the local sorcerer—but the mage isn’t who he is alleged to be.In hiding for his life, he requests Geralt’s help in slaying the monster who seeks to murder him—a young woman said to have been born under the Curse of the Black Sun—a prophecy of inborn evil. He declares that she is more a monster than the creature presented before him. Geralt later encounters the woman, who asserts that it is the sorcerer who is the true monster—committing unspeakable crimes at the behest of his superstitious beliefs. With the boundaries blurred between the evil that is done and the evil done in return, Geralt is met with a quandary. The face of evil is ever-changing and his verdict, whether by choice or by force, can only lead to tragedy.This graphic novel is the second in a series of adaptations from Sapkowski's acclaimed short story collection The Last Wish!
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