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Walleye Fishing
Walleye Fishing
Peterson, Judy Monroe
Sports & Recreations
Juvenile Nonfiction
Anglers will jump at the chance to get the nitty-gritty of fishing for walleye that this authoritative resource provides. Besides basic fishing knowledge and safety points, anglers investigate spinning rods and reels, jigs and crankbaits, and live bait in this text that offers students opportunities to analyze key concepts and integrate them as expected in the reading standards for literacy in science and technical subjects. Readers learn how to identify walleye, learn about their habitats and eating habits, and get essential tips about taking care of the catch. Fishing regulations and licenses, and catch-and-release techniques are explained, as are methods to preserve and document outstanding fishing experiences. Because walleye are greatly valued game fish, anglers examine the issues of overfishing, water pollution, and climate change, and ways they can contribute to walleye conservation efforts.
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