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Savoring soups & salads : best recipes from the award-winning international cookbooks
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Menlo Park, CA : Oxmoor House : Distributed by Sunset Books, c2006.
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231 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
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Includes index.
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Savoring Soups & Salads celebrates the gastronomic and cultural customs of America, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, India, China, and Southeast Asia. Expand your kitchen repertoire with 125 deliciously authentic soups and salads, from American Butternut Squash Soup, Roman-Style Fish Soup, Peppery Tuscan Beef Stew, and French Oyster Bisque to Chinese Shredded Chicken Salad, Italian Bean Salad with Tuna and Radicchio, Indian Tomato and Yogurt Salad, and Spicy Green Beans, Bean Sprouts, and Coconut Salad. Features:Twenty boxed features with watercolor illustrations describe regional customs and explain the history of special ingredientsHelpful introductions describe the various ways soups and salads are served on tables around the world

Author Notes

Georgeanne Brennan grew up in Southern California and attended the San Diego State University, the University of Aix-Marseille in Provence, and the University of California at San Diego.

After returning to California to start a teaching position, Brennan and a friend started a vegetable seed company that they promoted with a recipe-filled catalog. The pair struck success and began writing weekly columns for the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle. Brennan published Apertif: Recipes for Simple Pleasure in the French Style, which won the Julia Child Cookbook Award in the Food & Spirits Category and The Food and Flavors of Haute Provence, which won the James Beard Award in the International Category.

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Table of Contents

Introductionp. 6
North America
Beet, Orange, and Avocado Saladp. 17
Wild Mushroom Soupp. 18
Watercress Salad with Mushroomsp. 19
Chicken in Lime-Flavored Brothp. 21
Black Bean and Corn Soupp. 22
Chilled Avocado Soupp. 22
Hominy and Tripe Soupp. 24
Caesar Saladp. 26
Apple-Butternut Soupp. 27
Mushroom and Hominy Soupp. 28
Onion Soup with Maytag Croutonsp. 31
Tortilla Soupp. 32
Pickled Cucumber Saladp. 33
Poblano Chile Soupp. 34
Summer Saladp. 36
Cilantro Soupp. 37
Corn and Black-Eyed Pea Saladp. 38
Lentil Soup with Pineapple, Pears, and Plantainsp. 41
Buffalo Chilip. 43
Potato and Meatball Soupp. 44
Cheese Soup with Potatoesp. 45
Spinach Saladp. 46
Clam Chowderp. 48
Warm Goat Cheese Saladp. 49
Pork and Hominy Soupp. 50
Golden Squash Blossom Cream Soupp. 52
Cactus Salad with Chilep. 54
Chicken and Chickpea Soupp. 56
Pork Stew with Chipotle Chilesp. 57
Cheddar and Ale Soupp. 59
Festive Chayote Saladp. 60
Green Salad with Jicama and Mangop. 61
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil Vinaigrettep. 62
Hot-and-Sour Soupp. 71
Clear Soup with Chicken and Spinachp. 72
Chinese New Year Saladp. 73
Green Papaya, Bean, and Carrot Saladp. 74
Spicy Chicken Soupp. 77
Kari Leaf-Scented Tomato Brothp. 79
Lentil Wafersp. 79
Tomato and Yogurt Saladp. 80
Fragrant Cauliflower Stewp. 81
Sparerib Soupp. 82
Stuffed Crab Soup with Bamboo Shootsp. 85
Malabar Pumpkin Coconut Stewp. 87
Raw Beef Salad with Lemongrassp. 88
Chopped Winged Bean Saladp. 90
Fragrant Spinach Soup with Cumin-Scented Potato Croutonsp. 91
Chicken Coconut Soupp. 93
Cashew Saladp. 95
Sweet Corn Soup with Chile Oilp. 96
Lemongrass Soup with Shrimpp. 98
Torn Chicken and Cabbage Saladp. 99
Green Mango and Grilled Shrimp Saladp. 100
Curried Chicken and Vegetable Soupp. 102
Hot Sour Fish Soup with Pineapplep. 103
Lentil Dumplings and Yogurt Saladp. 105
Fried Bean Puffs with Ginger and Raisinsp. 105
Hand-Shredded White Chicken Saladp. 106
Spicy Green Beans, Bean Sprouts, and Coconut Saladp. 108
Eight Treasures Vegetarian Soupp. 109
Spicy Yellow Lentil Stewp. 111
Salad of Panfried Tomme de Savoie with Hazelnutsp. 118
Melon and Fig Salad with Basil Creamp. 120
Cucumber and Fennel Saladp. 121
Oyster Soup with Three Herbsp. 122
Savoy Saladp. 122
Fish Soup of Marseillesp. 125
Vegetable Broth with Pestop. 126
Ratatouillep. 127
Mushroom, Celery, and Goat Cheese Saladp. 129
Cream of Winter Squash Soupp. 129
Springtime Lamb Stewp. 130
Mussel Soupp. 132
Salad of Baby Spinachp. 133
Tomato Soup with Fines Herbesp. 135
Nicoise Saladp. 137
Gratineed Onion Soupp. 138
Dandelion Salad with Poached Eggsp. 139
Fish Stewp. 140
Roast Garlic Chicken and Walnut Saladp. 142
Summer Salad of Red Onions and Tomatoesp. 143
Creamy Fish Soupp. 145
Dandelion Saladp. 146
Spring Vegetable Soupp. 155
Fava Bean, Arugula, and Pecorino Saladp. 156
Bread and Tomato Soupp. 157
Celery and Olive Saladp. 159
Warm Bean Salad with Tuna and Radicchiop. 161
Farro Saladp. 162
Pureed White Bean Soupp. 163
Peppery Beef Stewp. 165
Octopus Saladp. 166
Roman-Style Fish Soupp. 167
Sage-Scented Olive Press Soupp. 168
Bread and Summer Vegetable Saladp. 170
Venison Stew with Tomatoesp. 172
Roasted Pepper Saladp. 173
Twice-Boiled Soup with Black Cabbage and White Beansp. 175
Seafood Saladp. 176
Onion Soupp. 178
Orange and Fennel Saladp. 179
Farro Soupp. 180
Cornmeal, Cabbage, and Herb Soupp. 182
Italian Chestnut Soupp. 183
Spain and Portugal
Cold Tomato Soupp. 191
"Green" Soupp. 192
Green Salad with Serrano Ham and Tomato Vinaigrettep. 193
Galician Chestnut Soupp. 194
Salt Cod and Potato Salad with Olives and Peppersp. 196
Gypsy Stewp. 197
Green Bean Soupp. 198
Bread Soup with Cilantro, Garlic, and Eggp. 198
Chickpea and Spinach Soupp. 201
Beef Stew with Vegetables and Spicesp. 203
Garlic Soupp. 204
Spring Vegetable Stewp. 206
Fisherman's Soupp. 207
Stone Soupp. 208
Butternut Squash Soupp. 208
Shellfish and Bread Soupp. 211
Leek and Potato Soupp. 212
Meatball Soupp. 213
Summer Vegetable Stewp. 214
Shellfish Stewp. 217
Cold Almond Soup with Grapesp. 219
Glossaryp. 221
Indexp. 228
Acknowledgmentsp. 231