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Cover image for Poorer Richard's America : what would Ben say?
Poorer Richard's America : what would Ben say?
Poorer Richard's America : what would Ben say?
Publication Information:
New York, NY : Skyhorse Pub., c2010.
Physical Description:
xx, 220 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
National deficit -- Religions, windows to God -- Balloons and federal budgets -- Prejudice -- The rise and fall of nations -- Real Americans -- Democracy -- A pleasant night's sleep -- America's greatest generation -- Republicans and Democrats -- The moment of conception -- The rich should pay their fair share -- Stoplights and Wall Street -- Hardships and sacrifice -- Great leaders lead -- Information caressed is knowledge -- Federal income taxes -- Ceasing to live versus dying -- The written word -- An ignorant man with no education is to be pitied -- Marital bliss -- Unintended consequences, domestic affairs -- You have a problem -- Bill of rights -- Distribute pressure, distribute consequences -- Unintended consequences, foreign affairs -- The national debt does not matter -- International affairs -- Equal rights legislation -- Social surplus -- Health care reform -- Health care reform, deux -- Department of defense -- Law of big numbers -- Branches of government -- Love and marriage -- Children -- China seeks to sell products to other countries -- America, you can do it -- Final thoughts.
Tom Blair has written, in the voice of Ben Franklin, an updated-for-today book that draws on the essence of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack to view America in 2011.