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Understanding HPV. And overview of human papillomavirus (HPV) ; HPV transmission rates among heterosexual couples ; Many treatments exist for genital warts caused by HPV ; HPV is linked to an increase in head and neck cancers -- Controversies concerning HPV. The HPV vaccine is safe and effective ; The HPV vaccine is not safe or effective ; The government should mandate the HPV vaccine ; The government should not mandate the HPV vaccine ; Boys should be vaccinated for HPV ; Boys should not receive the HPV vaccine ; The HPV vaccine may make teens more promiscuous ; The HPV vaccine does not promote teen promiscuity ; Abstinence-only programs are the best way to prevent disease and other problems ; Abstinence-only programs are ineffective at preventing disease and other problems -- Personal narratives. A young woman survives HPV and cancer ; A grandmother wants her grandchildren to get the HPV vaccination ; Men can get HPV, too.
"Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders: HPV: Each volume in this timely series provides essential information on a disease or disorder (symptoms, causes, treatments, cures, etc.); presents the controversies surrounding causes, alternative treatments, and other issues"--


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There is no cure for Human Papilloma Virus, but there are vaccines for avoiding it. This guidebook provides essential information on Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer, but also serves as a historical survey, by providing information on the controversies surrounding its causes, and first-person narratives by people coping with HPV. Patients, family members, or caregivers explain the condition from their own experience. The symptoms, causes, and treatments are explained in detail. Essential to anyone trying to learn about diseases and conditions, the alternative treatments are explored. Each essay is carefully edited and presented with an introduction, so that they are accessible for student researchers and readers.

Table of Contents

Warren Maltzman and Rebecca J. FreySarah C.P. WilliamsJo CiavagliaJosh AxeAmanda MarcotteDenise HunnellAmy DavidsonJeanne LenzerJohn F. Brehany and Maricela P. MoffittChristopher WanjekJoslynSusie Wilson
Forewordp. 7
Introductionp. 9
Chapter 1 Understanding HPV
1 An Overview of Human Papillomavirus (HPV)p. 15
2 HPV Transmission Rates Among Heterosexual Couplesp. 26
3 Many Treatments Exist for Genital Warts Caused by HPV: US Centers for Disease Control and Preventionp. 32
4 HPV Is Linked to an Increase in Head and Neck Cancersp. 38
Chapter 2 Controversies Concerning HPV
1 The HPV Vaccine Is Safe and Effective: US Centers for Disease Control and Preventionp. 44
2 The HPV Vaccine Is Not Safe or Effectivep. 50
3 The Government Should Mandate the HPV Vaccinep. 57
4 The Government Should Not Mandate the HPV Vaccinep. 62
5 Boys Should Be Vaccinated for HPVp. 67
6 Boys Should Not Receive the HPV Vaccinep. 71
7 The HPV Vaccine May Make Teens More Promiscuousp. 78
8 The HPV Vaccine Does Not Promote Teen Promiscuityp. 84
9 Abstinence-Only Programs Are the Best Way to Prevent Disease and Other Problems: American College of Pediatriciansp. 89
10 Abstinence-Only Programs Are Ineffective at Preventing Disease and Other Problems: Advocates for Youthp. 98
Chapter 3 Personal Narratives
1 A Young Woman Survives HPV and Cancerp. 109
2 A Grandmother Wants Her Grandchildren to Get the HPV Vaccinationp. 112
3 Men Can Get HPV, Too: "SADD"p. 117
Glossaryp. 120
Chronologyp. 124
Organizations to Contactp. 126
For Further Readingp. 131
Indexp. 134