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Cover image for People tools for love and relationships : the journey from me to us
People tools for love and relationships : the journey from me to us
First edition.
Physical Description:
xviii, 189 pages ; 23 cm
The key is you -- Attention must be paid -- Finding a relationship, be prepared -- How to be the right person -- Pace yourself -- Her : happiness = expectations - reality -- Core values -- Is it safe? -- Truth is the long cut -- My many and only -- With all faults -- Share -- You don't always have to answer the telephone -- It's okay to ask -- Put on your own oxygen mask first -- The best defense is no defense -- "Yes" is the best word -- The five kinds of "I'm sorry" -- Catch them being better -- Take care of one another -- Cuddles -- Anger is a lonely job -- Take responsibility -- Let's talk about money -- Now, not later -- Time and quality -- The field of battle -- Appeal to their self-interest -- Timing -- Mind reading : if you loved me I wouldn't have to ask -- More is not always better -- Reliable and exciting -- Disconnect -- Put it in writing -- I'd rather be alone and together, than be together yet alone -- Weave, don't leave -- Settle, settle, settle -- Yours, ours, and mine -- The get-out-of-jail-practically-free card -- Ask and be thankful -- Waiting for Godot -- Belt buckle, revisited -- You are my valentine -- The empty theater -- Abandon ship -- It's a movie, not a snapshot -- Keep in orbit -- The spotlight of now -- Make the most of today -- Love is the answer.
Presents advice for building stong personal connections with others, with tools for addressing individual relationship issues and different approaches that can be used to resolve conflicts and differences in personality and goals. --Publisher's description.