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Rancher, farmer, fisherman : conservation heroes of the American heartland
First edition.
Physical Description:
xviii, 394 pages : map, illustrations ; 25 cm
Rancher -- Farmer -- Riverman -- Shrimper -- Fisherman.
Traces the conservation movement by ranchers, farmers, river workers, and fishermen who in spite of separating themselves from political environmentalism are helping to restore and protect America's grasslands, wildlife, wetlands, and oceans.

Many of the men and women doing today's most consequential environmental work--restoring America's grasslands, wildlife, soil, rivers, wetlands, and oceans--would not call themselves environmentalists; they would be too uneasy with the connotations of that word. What drives them is their deep love of the land: the iconic terrain where explorers and cowboys, pioneers and riverboat captains forged the American identity. They feel a moral responsibility to preserve this heritage and natural wealth, to ensure that their families and communities will continue to thrive. Unfolding as a journey down the Mississippi River, this book tells the stories of five representatives of this stewardship movement: a Montana rancher, a Kansas farmer, a Mississippi riverman, a Louisiana shrimper, and a Gulf fisherman. In exploring their work and family histories and the essential geographies they protect, author Horn challenges pervasive and powerful myths about American and environmental values.--Adapted from dust jacket.