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Impossible owls : essays
Impossible owls : essays
Uniform Title:
Essays. Selections
1st ed.
Physical Description:
334 pages ; 20 cm.
In his highly anticipated debut essay collection, Impossible Owls, Brian Phillips demonstrates why hes one of the most iconoclastic journalists of the digital age, beloved for his ambitious, off-kilter, meticulously reported essays that read like novels. The eight essays assembled herefive from Phillipss Grantland and MTV days, and three new piecesgo beyond simply chronicling some of the modern worlds most uncanny, unbelievable, and spectacular oddities (though they do that, too). Researched for months and even years on end, they explore the interconnectedness of the globalized world, the consequences of history, the power of myth, and the ways people attempt to find meaning. He searches for tigers in India, and uncovers a multigenerational mystery involving an oil tycoon and his niece turned stepdaughter turned wife in the Oklahoma town where he grew up. Through each adventure, Phillipss remarkable voice becomes a character itselffull of verve, rich with offhanded humor, and revealing unexpected vulnerability.