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Marrying my cowboy
Physical Description:
437 pages ; 17 cm.
The rancher's wedding / Wind River wedding / The cowboy lassoes a bride
The Rancher's Wedding: When a rugged Colorado rancher who's in the red meets up with a screenwriter-turned-waitress dogged by scandal, they put their talents--and their hearts--together. But will front page news put a damper on the sparks flying between them?

Wind River Wedding: A sprawling family ranch in Wyoming, or a swanky Hamptons hideaway? A young couple's future in-laws try to stake their claim on where the newlyweds will live. But these lovebirds won't be corralled.

The Cowboy Lassoes a Bride: Between a hen night that goes terribly wrong and a missing wedding dress, and a California earthquake, a bride-to-be wonders if her plan to marry her longtime bad boy cowboy beau is doomed--and he wonders if his fiancée is avoiding the altar. Will love prevail?