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The paper wasp : a novel
1st Grove Atlantic hardcover ed.
Physical Description:
289 pages ; 22 cm.
In small-town Michigan, Abby trudges to and from her job as a supermarket cashier. Each day she is taunted from the magazine racks by the success of her former best friend Elise, a rising Hollywood starlet whose life in pictures Abby obsessively scrapbooks. At night Abby escapes through the films of her favorite director, Auguste Perren, a cult figure known for his creative institute the Rhizome, while drawing fantastical storyboards based on her often premonitory dreams, a visionary gift she keeps hidden. At their high school reunion, Elise offhandedly tells Abby to look her up if she's ever in LA... and Abby soon arrives on her doorstep. Though supportive friends, both have their own dark secrets. --