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The little book of big lies : a journey into inner fitness
1st US ed.
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An inspiring study in inner self care, told through 14 personal stories from award-winning actress Tina Lifford. --


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An inspiring and illuminating guide to true self care, from the sage teacher and breakout star of the critically acclaimed drama, Queen Sugar, from Executive Producers Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay for OWN.

Featured on Essence Magazine's Culture List

In all your years of schooling, did you ever take a single class that explained how to navigate the hurt, drama, and fear that come with living? Tina Lifford sure didn't. She learned the hard way--through experience as both a Hollywood actress and as the founder of the personal development network The Inner Fitness Project. Now, she brings together her own hard-won insights as well as those of her clients in this helpful and transformative guide. A blend of personal anecdotes and meaningful, practical--and most important, actionable--advice, The Little Book of Big Lies is the life skills class you need to nurture the inner you and move beyond the past.

In fourteen raw, personal stories, Tina teaches you how to change your self-perception--to see yourself in the best possible light, to love and honor what you see, and to forge a new sense of what's possible in every aspect of your life. But make no mistake, The Little Book of Big Lies is not a "rah-rah" quick fix for fear and pain. Like physical fitness, building and maintaining emotional strength requires continued effort. This invaluable book is the foundation you need to start building inner health and well-being so you can thrive.

Tina guides you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you turn shame into self-acceptance, self-rejection into self-love, blame into freedom, and old hurt into power. Wise and powerful, The Little Book of Big Lies will completely change how you think and live.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Actor and playwright Lifford provides a valuable road map to achieving "inner fitness"--self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-care--in her frank and practical debut. The author aims to help readers recognize the "big lies" that hold them back from living a fulfilling life through a series of questions intended to unpack the things that make one feel sad or small, among them the belief that some pain lasts forever, the tendency to stay stuck in thoughts about the past, and the habit of avoiding difficult moments by rushing through days with the belief that "one day" life will be better. "Every time we avoid our feeling today," she writes, "we set ourselves up for inevitable sadness 'one day.' " Chapters begin with a question, such as "Are You Living Life Thinking Something's Wrong or Against You?" and "Do Your Circumstances Boss You Around?" and Lifford wraps up each with "inner fitness" practices--which include a restatement of the "untruth," followed by a self-empowering truth--and "try this" advice. Lifford's sage lessons will be an antidote to poisonous thoughts for those with battered self-esteem. Agent: Johanna Castillo, Writer's House. (Nov.)

Booklist Review

Spiritual psychologist and actor Lifford, currently seen in the Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar, proposes that inner fitness is every bit as important as physical fitness. She identifies problems people confront as lies that we've been told and that we tell ourselves, lies that gain power over us in insidious ways. Lifford's personal lies include the I Can't syndrome, lack of confidence, and the inability to break out of ruts. The author is painfully honest about her own shortcomings (to the point of calling herself out in italics when she catches herself trapped in lies). Stories from her own life or the lives of her clients illustrate specific issues and each chapter ends by recapping the lie, providing the truth, and listing concrete suggestions for combating these negative thoughts. This is a very positive read filled with thoughtful insights and affirmations. Without passing judgment, Lifford walks readers through the process of accessing the inner self, taming harmful lies, and making powerful life changes. God don't make junk, Lifford declares, then points to a path of self-acceptance and inner peace.--Candace Smith Copyright 2010 Booklist

Table of Contents

Forewordp. ix
Introduction: A Journey into Inner Fitnessp. 1
Finding Your True Selfp. 7
The Truth About Liesp. 23
11 Questions for Unpacking the Lies That Make You Feel Sad or Small
1 Are You Thinking That Some Pain Lasts Forever?p. 37
2 Are You Living Life Thinking Something's Wrong or Against You?p. 51
3 Are You Bullied by an Old Sacred Torture?p. 65
4 Are You Tired of Being Knocked Off Your Center by That Old Pattern?p. 81
5 Do You Think That How You Feel Doesn't Matter?p. 93
6 What Does Your "I Can't" Really Mean?p. 105
7 When Was the Last Time You Said, "I'm Upset Because"?p. 115
8 What If "One Day" Starts TODAY?p. 127
9 What Is Real Confidence?p. 137
10 Are You Stuck in I Thought I Was Done With That! Thinking?p. 151
11 Do Your Circumstances Boss You Around?p. 163
Epilogue: Living Your Truthp. 179
Acknowledgmentsp. 183
#InnerFitnessJourney-Snapshotp. 187
Glossaryp. 205