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We came first
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120 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm.
Flirting -- Going steady -- Marriage -- Breakups -- Single life.
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What advice would Cleopatra give you on seduction in a relationship? What would Frida Kahlo have to say about having your own space if your husband is a slob, but you aren't? Wright has created a series of relationship questions, addresses them to badass women throughout history, and then presents 'their' replies.


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The modern guide to seduction and dating for badass ladies.

" advice from historical icons" Flavorwire Book of the Week

Jennifer Wright's We Came First offers the ultimate relationship advice from the women who have been there. History's most fabulous, revered and sassy women provide wise counsel about modern life's romantic complexities, from dating apps, to feminist conundrums and how not to give a f*ck. In her punchy new book, bestselling author Jennifer Wright imagines how history's most powerful women would approach current-day dating anxieties, with agony-aunt-style questions, quirky illustrations and more.

Ever wondered what Cleopatra would have to say about making the first move ? Or how Grace Kelly would recommend making your feelings known ? The book champions the complicated love lives of the women who came first. Some of it bad(!) - all of it relatable - advice from history's most audacious agony aunts includes:

Amelia Earhart on Keeping your identity
Marilyn Monroe on Pleasing yourself
Marie Antoinette on Rising to the occasion
Queen Victoria on Motherhood
Eleanor Roosevelt on Keeping your career
Frida Kahlo on Having your own space
Dorothy Parker on Overcoming heartbreak
Greta Garbo on Breaking an engagement
Pocahontas on Having a voice
Jane Austen on Self-sufficiency
Coco Chanel on Defying expectation

With hilarious quizzes on:

Which flirty era you belong to
What your engagement ring will look like
Who your celebrity partner would be
How you should mend your broken heart
Your must-have single woman item

We Came First is the perfect gift for those looking for dating advice (from historical ladies!)

Fans of It Ended Badly will love this witty guide to seduction from history's most badass women.

"I hope you can use it to dispel myths about dainty, delicate ladies of the olden days and champion the complicated love lives of the women who came first. In every sense of the phrase." Jennifer Wright

Author Notes

Jennifer Wright is the political editor at large for She's been published in The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Observer, and some publications that don't have New York in their title. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Daniel Kibblesmith.