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The wild one
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xii, 381 pages : map ; 24 cm.
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Fighting his post-traumatic claustrophobia, war veteran Peter Ash has no intention of getting on an airplane - until a grieving woman asks Peter to find her young grandson. The woman's daughter has been murdered. Erik, the dead daughter's husband and the sole suspect, fled to Iceland with his son for the protection of Erik's lawless family. For reasons both unknown and unofficial, it seems that Peter's own government doesn't want him in Iceland; the police give Peter two days of sightseeing in Reykjavik before he must report back for the first available seat home. Now Peter must confront his growing PTSD and the most powerful Icelandic snowstorm in a generation to find a killer, save an eight-year-old boy, and keep himself out of an Icelandic prison - or a cold Icelandic grave. --