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Cover image for Me & Mr. Cigar : a novel
Me & Mr. Cigar : a novel
Physical Description:
245 pages ; 22 cm.
North Texas. For the past five years Oscar Lester has never been without his dog, Mr. Cigar-- a supernatural companion. Oscar spends most of his time organizing drug-fueled dance parties with his best friend, Lytle Taylor, and all three benefit from the care of Carla Marks, the genius behind the mysterious IBC corporation. Oscar's older sister, Rachel fled Texas after Mr. Cigar bit off her left hand. Rachel phones Oscar out of the blue: She's in New York, being held hostage, and will only be released if she pays a debt she owes. Since nefarious forces are after his dog, Oscar, Lytle, and Mr. Cigar set out to New York, to save Rachel and to save themselves.