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The disappearance of Alastair Ainsworth
1st ed.
Physical Description:
306 pages ; 22 cm.
The unannounced visitor -- The advertisement -- Dr. Verner's office -- The chase -- The sister -- The trail -- Paddington Station -- The Admiralty Club -- Blood smears -- The British Museum -- Covent garden -- The Baker Street irregulars -- St. John's wood -- The secret companion -- A coded message -- Waterloo Station -- Lady Jane -- They mysterious gentleman -- The unexpected death -- Westminster Abbey -- A strange meeting -- Hyde Park -- Exodus -- The deciphering -- A traitor -- The trap -- Alistair Ainsworth.
Dr. Alexander Verner has just returned from an unsettling trip to see a patient who he believes is being held against his will. Joanna quickly realizes that Verner's patient is Alistair Ainsworth, a high-ranking cryptographer who the Germans have taken captive to pry vital information about England's military strategies for the Great War. Ainsworth must be found at all costs-- and Joanna and the Watsons might be the only ones who can connect the clues to find him. --