Cover image for The everything guide to Lyme disease : from symptoms to treatments, all you need to manage the physical and psychological effects of Lyme disease
The everything guide to Lyme disease : from symptoms to treatments, all you need to manage the physical and psychological effects of Lyme disease
First Adams Media trade paperback edition.
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256 pages ; 22 cm.
What is Lyme disease? -- Transmission and prevention -- Signs and symptoms -- Complications of Lyme disease -- Diagnosing Lyme disease -- Treatment for Lyme disease -- Lyme disease advocacy -- Potential coinfections -- Research for the future.
Offers information about Lyme disease for those living with it, covering symptoms, treatments, and managing the condition.


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A comprehensive all-in-one guide to Lyme disease, including psychological as well as physical symptoms, along with traditional and alternative treatments.

Lyme disease is one of the most rapidly emerging infectious diseases in North America and Europe, transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick. Symptoms include the classic "bull's eye" rash, fever, and headache, and current research indicates that 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease annually, ten times higher than previously reported. This indicates a tremendous health problem, heightened by the fact that Lyme disease can manifest not only in physical symptoms, but psychiatric illness such as cognitive dysfunction, memory deficit, and rage issues.

In The Everything Guide to Lyme Disease, you will find the most up-to-date and expert information on all aspects of the disease, including how to prevent it, find the best treatments, and deal with the psychological effects of Lyme disease.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 11
Chapter 1 What Is Lyme Disease?p. 13
History and Expansion of Lyme Diseasep. 13
The Rise in Lyme Diseasep. 19
Borrelia burgdorferi: The Lyme Disease Bacteriap. 22
Summaryp. 32
Chapter 2 Transmission and Preventionp. 33
All about the Tickp. 33
How Is Lyme Disease Transmitted?p. 45
Cycle of Infectionp. 47
Tick Removalp. 52
Repellants and Pesticidesp. 54
Summaryp. 57
Chapter 3 Signs and Symptomsp. 59
Stages of the Symptomsp. 59
Erythema Migrans, or the "Bull's-Eye" Rashp. 61
Lyme Neuroborreliosisp. 66
Lyme Carditisp. 70
Lyme Arthritisp. 71
Lyme Disease in Europep. 74
Reinfectionp. 74
Summaryp. 76
Chapter 4 Complications of Lyme Diseasep. 77
Posttreatment Lyme Disease Syndromep. 78
Chronic Lyme Diseasep. 87
Summaryp. 94
Chapter 5 Diagnosing Lyme Diseasep. 97
Early Recognitionp. 98
Finding the Right Doctorp. 98
Diagnostic Testsp. 102
PCR Tests and Lyme Diseasep. 106
The Two-Tiered Test: ELISA and the Western Blotp. 108
Other Testsp. 116
Summaryp. 120
Chapter 6 Treatment for Lyme Diseasep. 123
Antibioticsp. 123
Recommended Treatment for Lyme Diseasep. 127
Appropriate Length of Treatmentp. 133
Complementary and Alternative Approachesp. 136
Treatments to Avoidp. 145
Summaryp. 150
Chapter 7 Lyme Disease Advocacyp. 153
The Lyme Communityp. 153
Lyme Disease Advocacy Causesp. 154
Online Resourcesp. 159
Scientific Concerns with Lyme Disease Advocacyp. 159
Summaryp. 163
Chapter 8 Potential Coinfectionsp. 165
Coinfectionsp. 165
Babesiosisp. 166
Anaplasmosisp. 171
Powassan Virusp. 175
Borrelia miyamotoip. 184
Borrelia mayoniip. 188
Bartoneliosisp. 189
Coinfections and the Severity of Lyme Diseasep. 190
Summaryp. 195
Chapter 9 Research for the Futurep. 197
Ecological Preventionp. 197
Diagnostic Improvementsp. 202
Effective Treatmentp. 208
Lyme Disease Vaccinationp. 209
Insights Into the Diseasep. 214
Future Outlookp. 217
Summaryp. 218
Appendix A Further Resourcesp. 221
Advocacy Groupsp. 222
Appendix B Bibliographyp. 223
Appendix C Infections Transmitted by Other Ticksp. 229
Ehrlichiosisp. 229
Heartland Virusp. 231
STARI (Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness)p. 233
Rocky Mountain Spotted Feverp. 234
Tick-Borne Relapsing Feverp. 236
Tularemiap. 237
Colorado Tick Feverp. 237
Bourbon Virusp. 238
Appendix D Lyme Disease Timelinep. 239
Appendix E Glossaryp. 243
Indexp. 251