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Gay like me : a father writes to his son
1st ed.
Physical Description:
x, 158 pages ; 20 cm.
My son -- Being gay requires double vision -- Visibility is not a cure-all -- Find and ignite your anger -- Coming out and joining in -- Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint -- Complicated/Worth it -- Otherness is a leg up to extraordinary -- Never diminish your essence -- Buttress yourself with gay history -- Have sex in the light -- AIDS is not over -- Character counts, not profile stats -- Grief is a manageable disease -- Dive heart first -- Coming out is every day -- Words matter -- It's still a straight man's world -- Being a good gay citizen -- Stonewall50 -- This parent's prayer.
Personal Subject:
When Richie Jackson's son born through surrogacy comes out to him at the age of 18, Richie - now in his 50s, a successful producer and happily married - feels compelled to write him a letter. Gay Like Me is both a celebration of gay identity and a sorrowful warning. Jackson talks of his own progress and growth as a gay man coming of age through decades of political and cultural change. We've come a long way, he argues: discrimination is now outlawed in most states, gay men and women can marry, and there are drugs available to protect against AIDS. His son is going to be living in a newly liberated America. However, he also argues that nothing can be taken for granted. Bigotry and hatred still exist, nurtured by a President who draws votes and support by stirring up fear of The Other, and excluding minorities and anyone who can be labelled 'an outsider'. A newly constituted Supreme Court could revoke laws and turn the clock back. The gay identity can be worn with pride, but gay citizens needs always to be aware that their gains are fragile. Like Between the World and Me, this is a response to our times, and will strike a powerful chord with anyone who cares about human rights and the importance of tolerance and social progress. Angry, proud, moved, tender, this is also a powerful letter of love from a father to a son, relevant to everyone. --