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"Dale Brown is a superb storyteller."-- W. E. B. Griffin

A Publisher's Lunch 2020 Spring/Summer buzz book

In this thrilling geopolitical adventure from New York Times bestselling legend Dale Brown, Brad McLanahan and the Space Force must fight to preserve America's freedom when ruthless enemies forge an unlikely alliance to control not only the earth, but the moon and beyond.

Because its enemies never stop trying to undermine the United States' security, the men and women who serve to protect America must always be vigilant. Few know this better than warriors Brad McLanahan and Nadia Rozek. Newly married, the two are just beginning to settle into their new life together when they are called back into action.

Though the Russians were badly defeated by Brad and the Iron Wolf Squadron in their previous bid for world dominance, they are back and doubling down on their quest for control of outer space. In addition to their cutting-edge weaponry, they have a formidable new ally: China's energetic and ruthless leader, President Li Jun.

To protect America and the rest of the free world from the Russians and the Chinese, the Americans plan to mine the moon's helium-3 resources, which will allow them to fully exploit the revolutionary fusion power technology Brad and his team captured from the Russians aboard the Mars One weapons platform.

But Leonov and Li have devised a daring plan of their own. They are building a joint secret base on the moon's far side fortified with a powerful Russian plasma rail gun that can destroy any spacecraft entering lunar orbit. If the heavily armed base becomes operational, it will give America's enemies control over the world's economic and military future.

As this latest skirmish in the war for space accelerates, Brad, Nadia, and their compatriots in the Space Force must use their cunning and skill--and America's own high-tech weaponry--to derail the Sino-Russian alliance and destroy their lunar site before it's too late for the U.S. . . . and the entire world.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Set in 2022, this exciting military action thriller from bestseller Brown finds American forces still in control of Mars One, the armed Russian space station that a space-borne commando raid captured in 2019's The Kremlin Strike. Since the Russians destroyed most of the U.S. reconnaissance satellites in the previous book, American ground forces are essentially blind, except for intel supplied by commandos who have taken over what's now called Eagle Station. The loss of a battle in space with the Americans persuades Marshal Mikhail Ivanovich Leonov, the mastermind behind the creation of Mars One, and Li Jun, the Chinese president, that the only way they will ever beat their long-standing foe is by combining forces and controlling the newest battlefield, outer space. The key to success is amassing the special fuel needed to fuel Russian fusion reactors, which is only readily available on the moon. As the Russian and Chinese forces close in on their goal, it becomes clear that only the ingenuity of Americans can save the day. Brown's spectacular future space weapons systems are utterly convincing. Tom Clancy fans won't want to miss this one. Agent: Robert Gottlieb, Trident Media Group. (May)

Kirkus Review

The American Space Force must battle a Sino-Russian alliance aiming to combine military and technology resources. Retired U.S. Air Force captain Brown delivers the next chapter in the Space Force series featuring the skilled pilots, high-level politicians, and elite operatives who strive to maintain American dominance in the sky and beyond. In the spring of 2022, the U.S. Navy leads a successful war game against China near the contested Paracel Islands. Of course, a fleeting military win over China does not mean that all is secure. Concerned about Russia's bellicose behavior and their "ten-megawatt fusion power generator," President John Dalton Farrell calls for an automated lunar mining operation to master fusion and power generation. If this can be achieved, America will maintain military and economic advantages into the foreseeable future. With China also considering mining the moon, a new type of lunar race has begun. All indications point to the fact that America is far ahead in the contest, but China and Russia form a secret pact to sabotage the U.S. program. Now, famed pilot Patrick McLanahan, his son, Brad, and Brad's fellow spaceplane pilot (and wife) Nadia Rozek, along with the rest of the heroes from the joint Sky Masters/Scion program, must stop this sinister alliance. Along the way there will be plenty of action-filled flying time described in the type of detail that will thrill most space junkies and fans of flight. A well-researched tale of technologically rich thrills. Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.