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Cover image for Death is but a dream : finding hope and meaning at life's end
Death is but a dream : finding hope and meaning at life's end
Physical Description:
248 pages ; 22 cm.
From there to here -- Stumbling out the gate -- The view from the bed -- A last reprieve -- We die as we live -- Love knows no limits -- The child's language of death -- Of different minds -- To those left behind -- Beyond dream interpretation.
A biography of Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, starting with Bdote, the confluence of the Mississippi and the Minnesota Rivers and a sacred place for Dakota people, who have lived here for millennia. Since the city's beginnings in the 1850s, Minneapolis has experienced continual collapses and rebuilding. Some collapses were real, as when the falls were nearly destroyed; some are metaphorical, as when corruption and the mob threatened to overtake the life of the city. The narrative highlights stories of immigrants, milling, the American Indian Movement, the KKK, the university, business innovators, the vibrant arts and music scene, powerful sports teams, and a wealth of other topics. --