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Death of a blueberry tart
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It may not be front page news, but Island Times food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell is now happily married. Before she can set sail on her honeymoon cruise, however, Hayley's mom, Sheila, pays an impromptu visit--and promptly becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

The victim is Sheila's old high school rival, Caskie Lemon-Hogg, known for her homemade blueberry pies and her home-wrecking flirtations. As Hayley teams up with her BFFs Liddy and Mona to clear her mother's name, Sheila reunites with Liddy's mom Celeste and Mona's mom Jane for their own amateur sleuthing. The race is on between the moms and the daughters to find out who served this blueberry tart her just desserts . . .

Includes seven delectable recipes from Hayley's kitchen!

Author Notes

Lee Hollis is the pen name for a brother and sister writing team. Rick Copp is a veteran Hollywood writer/producer and also the author of three other mystery novel series under his own name and Lee Hollis. He lives in Palm Springs, CA. Holly Simason is an award-winning food and cocktails columnist who lives in North Carolina. You can follow them on Facebook (Lee Hollis), Twitter (@leehollisbooks), and Instagram (leehollisbooks).

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Kirkus Review

Two groups of besties a generation apart vie for the honor of being Bar Harbor's top sleuths.Divorced mother of two Hayley Powell has recently married Bruce Linney after years of a contentious relationship dating back to high school. Both work for the Island Times, she as a food columnist and he as a crime reporter. Six days before they're to leave on their honeymoon cruise, their dream is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Hayley's mother, Sheila, following a breakup with her longtime boyfriend. Dismayed by the sudden addition to their tiny house even though Sheila volunteers to petsit while they're away, Hayley is upset by Sheila's criticism of her clothes and her cleaning and cooking skills. Hayley's best friends, Liddy and Mona (Death of a Wedding Cake Baker, 2019, etc.), are the daughters of Sheila's high school buddies Jane and Celeste, who are appalled when they attend a barbecue where their old school enemy Caskie Lemon-Hogg shows up with a homemade blueberry pie. Caskie's hobbies are blueberry picking, making and selling delicious treats, and flirting with other women's husbands and boyfriends. So Hayley's brainstorm for an impromptu class reunion for her mom's friends ends in a nasty confrontation. Caskie takes out a restraining order against her former classmates, and Sheila moves to an inn after a fight with Hayley and badmouths Caskie all over town. When she finds Caskie dead in the room next to hers, Sheila's naturally a suspect. Both sets of friends are determined to find the real killer even after Caskie's closest friend, Regina Knoxville, verbally abuses them at the funeral. There are enough other suspects to put the inexperienced sleuths in danger of attracting attention from a determined killer.A humorous tale filled with recipes for blueberry lovers, high school angst, and a few tricks up its mysterious sleeve. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.