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The delightful life of a suicide pilot
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279 pages ; 22 cm.
Every Body Has a Story to Tell -- My Friends Call Me Toshi -- Creative Writing -- Tales of the Riverbank -- The Pole Jumper -- How Does She Smell? -- Making Woophi -- The Morning after with an Orangutan -- The Kyoko Protocol -- Enthusiasm is a Hard Lie to Keep Up -- Dear Comrade Pilot -- Empirical Evidence -- An Adorable Alcoholic -- Feet Never Lie -- The Tunnel of Love -- Well, Blow Me Down -- Yokai -- Major Depression -- The Belts Tighten -- The Case of Beer -- Defeat Can Be Confusing -- Wish You Were Here -- Silence Is Golden -- The Torn Pages -- Tomorrow I Rise.
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Laos, 1981: When an unofficial mailman drops off a strange bilingual diary, Dr. Siri is intrigued. Half is in Lao, but the other half is in Japanese, which no one Siri knows can read; it appears to have been written during the Second World War. Most mysterious of all, it comes with a note stapled to it: Dr. Siri, we need your help most urgently. But who is "we," and why have they left no return address? To the chagrin of his wife and friends, who have to hear him read the diary out loud, Siri embarks on an investigation by examining the text. Though the journal was apparently written by a kamikaze pilot, it is surprisingly dull. Twenty pages in, no one has even died, and the pilot never mentions any combat at all. Despite these shortcomings, Siri begins to obsess over the diary's abrupt ending . . . and the riddle of why it ended up in his hands. Did the kamikaze pilot ever manage to get off the ground? To find out, he and Madame Daeng will have to hitch a ride to Thailand and uncover some of the darkest secrets of the Second World War. --