Cover image for Why did I come into this room? : a candid conversation about aging
Why did I come into this room? : a candid conversation about aging
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336 pages, 16 unnumbered leaves of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
Aging ain't for sissies -- How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? -- Six sure signs I'm aging -- Old age! Are we there yet? -- Strollers, cars, and wheelchairs! -- I'm not old; I'm 45 plus shipping and handling -- Not only is my short-term memory bad, so is my short-term memory -- Why can't I lose weight like I lose my keys, phone, and sex drive? -- Strong is the new skinny -- Become the CEO of your health -- Think like a doctor -- A heart-to-heart about your heart -- Keep moving! It's harder for the undertaker to catch up with you -- We're basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions: why we need water -- Sometime I laugh so hard, tears run down my leg -- Sleeping Beauty was on to something -- Did you know chocolate makes your clothes shrink? -- Will it matter five years from now? -- Life would be easier with piڵۀڲۍڲۋ ۅڹڲڴڶڵ ۍںۊۄێڸںۄێۍ ۍںڶ ڵڲy ڂڂ ڟڻۋۍڲڽڶۋ ٻ ۊڶڸۊڶۍۋڎ ڻۍټۋ ۍڻھڶ ۍۄ ڹڶۍ ۍںڶھ ڸۄ۽ ڂڂ ڨںڶۀ ۍںڶۊڶ ڲۊڶ ڹێھۅۋ ڻۀ ۍںڶ ۊۄڲڵ ڂڂ ژڶڴڹڻۀڶ ۍۄ ڵڶڴڹڻۀڶ ڂڂ ښۊڻڶۀڵۋ ڲۊڶ ۍںڶۊڲۅڻۋۍۋ yۄێ ڴڲۀ ڵۊڻۀڽ ےڻۍں ڂڂ ڕۀ ڲۍۍڻۍێڵڶ ۄڷ ڸۊڲۍڻۍێڵڶ ڂڂ ږڶ ۍںڶ ۅڶۊۋۄۀ yۄێ ےڲۀۍ ۍۄ ںڲېڶ ڹێۀڴں ےڻۍں ڂڂ ږڶ ںڲۅۅyڎ ڻۍ ڵۊڻېڶۋ ۅڶۄۅڹڶ ڴۊڲzy ڂڂ ۺ ےڲۀۍ ۍۄ ڳڶ ڴۊڶھڲۍڶڵڎ ڻۍټۋ ھy ڹڲۋۍ ڴںڲۀڴڶ ڷۄۊ ڲ ۋھۄڽڻۀټ ںۄۍ ڳۄڵy ڂڂ ۺۍټۋ ۀڶېڶۊ ۍۄۄ ڹڲۍڶ ۍۄ ڳڶ ۍںڶ ۅڶۊۋۄۀ yۄێ ےڲۀۍ ۍۄ ڳڶڃڱ
In her most candid and revealing book yet, acclaimed broadcast journalist and Baby Boomer Joan Lunden delves into the various phases of aging that leave many feeling uncomfortable, confused, and on edge. In her hilarious book, Lunden takes the dull and depressing out of aging, replacing it with wit and humor. After all, laughing is better than crying--unless it makes you pee! Whether you're in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or more, this book is full of helpful information to embrace--or at least prepare for--the inevitable.