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Into the deep : science, technology, and the quest to protect the ocean
Physical Description:
152 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Introduction: Message in a bottle -- All the water in the world -- The shape of the sea -- What goes around comes around -- Stories told by water -- The beginning of life and breath -- Life in a drop -- Cities in the sea -- Feeding the world -- Rise of the jellyfish -- Life in the twilight zone -- In the company of giants -- Waste not, want not -- Ocean past, ocean future.
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1200 L Lexile
Added Corporate Author:
Containing 97 percent of Earth's water supply, the ocean plays a huge role in regulating global temperatures, supporting plant and animal life, and contributing to the livelihoods of millions of people. But in spite of all this, the ocean remains drastically unexplored, and the details of its impact on human lives aren't fully understood. Scientists from around the world are realizing that to address issues plaguing the ocean, such as dead zones, coral bleaching, and climate change, we need to better understand this incredible, unique feature of our planet. With a range of impressive, cutting-edge technologies at their disposal, oceanographers have set out to measure, sample, and analyze at every turn. Every day, mysteries about the ocean are being solved, and every day, new questions come to light. The more scientists learn, the better they are able to answer these new questions. What lies in the deep? And who is at the forefront of these exciting discoveries? The scientists and research included in this book shed light on the most pressing issues currently facing oceanographers and point us in the right direction to solving these challenges.