Cover image for The self-love revolution : radical body positivity for girls of color
The self-love revolution : radical body positivity for girls of color
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158 pages ; 21 cm.
Our messy world. Nine points that explode beauty standards ; Question the culture ; Fatphobia and how it hurts your body image ; Racism affects how you think of your body ; We've been obsessing about food for more than 200 years ; Nine gross characteristics of diet culture -- Thoughts on common body confusions. Why is my family always talking about my body? Why isn't confidence enough? ; What do I say to trolls? ; I'm tired of hating myself . . . so how do I love myself? -- Be you, not what someone else thinks you should be. Your body does amazing stuff every single day, girl ; Say no at least once a day ; Never, ever skip lunch (or breakfast or dinner) ; Take every hour you spend criticizing your body and do something else that's totally amazing ; Find your allies ; Wear what you want!.
Every day we see body ideals depicted in movies, magazines, and social media. And, all too often, these outdated standards make us feel like we need to change how we look and who we are. The truth is that many teens feel self-conscious about their bodies and being a teen girl of color is hard in unique ways. So, how can you start feeling good about yourself when you're surrounded by these unrealistic -- and problematic -- images of what bodies are "supposed" to look like? This book is an unapologetic guide to help you embrace radical body positivity. You'll identify and challenge mainstream beliefs about beauty and bodies; celebrate what makes you unique and powerful; and build real, lasting body empowerment. You'll also learn how to spot diet culture and smash your noisy inner critic so you can start loving your body. It's time to create your own definition of beautiful, and recognize that your body is amazing. It's time for a self-love revolution!