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Space-time 1 : Once upon a Space-time!
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From the author of the New York Times bestselling Jedi Academy books comes the first in a hilarious space-themed graphic novel series.

Jide and Petra are just two normal kids until they are selected to leave Earth and join their new alien classmates on an intergalactic research mission to Mars. Too bad Petra has no idea how she ended up in the program, seeing as the closest she wants to get to space is being a sci-fi writer. Jide, on the other hand, is the brains of the mission, but his helicopter parents make it clear he hasn't left their gravitational pull behind quite yet.

What is meant to be an intra-species bonding experience soon turns to hijinx as the kids discover The Potato orbiting around their new space classroom and accidentally launch a mission of their own without any adult commanders around to supervise--or help!

From New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Brown comes an out-of-this-world adventure perfect for the astronaut-in-training in your life.

Author Notes

Jeffrey Brown is the author-illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Star Wars: Jedi Academy series and the Darth Vader series. He is also the author of the Lucy & Andy Neanderthal graphic novels for middle graders and the picture book My Teacher Is a Robot . Jeffrey resides in Chicago with his wife and two sons. You can visit him at

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School Library Journal Review

Gr 3--7--Brown kicks off a new graphic novel science fiction series about kid astronauts exploring the universe. Ever since first contact was made by an alien race in the year 2206, a group of extraordinary students have been given the opportunity to study at the Earth School for Space Mission Preparation. When it's announced that two Earth children will be sent to Mars to work with alien kids, a competition is held to find the best of the best. Petra, a prankster who feels she doesn't live up to her overachieving siblings, and Jide, a perfectionist with helicopter parents, are chosen for the mission. An eclectic mix of side characters including a celebrity astronaut, helpful robots, alien kids with unique abilities, and a goofball from a cloned race of aliens all named Tobey result in many fun side stories and one-liners. A mix of scientific facts and humor makes the first book in this series both educational and entertaining. Brown's fans will not be disappointed and will enjoy the cartoonish line drawings, crammed with speech bubbles. VERDICT Another great addition from Brown. Middle grade readers will anxiously await the next installment.--Ashley Leffel, Griffin Middle School, Frisco, TX

Publisher's Weekly Review

In 2216, 10 years after aliens first made contact, international students study as cadets at the Earth School for Space Missing Preparation (ESSMP). When humankind is ready to " part of the galactic civilization," Tobey--the face of a goblin-like extraterrestrial group, each of whom is named Tobey--organizes an expedition staffed by ESSMP cadets (after all, "adult humans can be pretty whiny!"). To be chosen, the students undergo tests--holding ice cream in a cold pool with the AC on high ("Coldness of Space Simulator!"), sitting inside a coffin-like life-support pod ("What's in the Box? You are!"). Cadets Petra Novak and Jide Eshetu are the unlikely kid candidates who join Tobey, human Commander Gusevich, and a variety of nonhuman explorers, including a starfish in a robot tank and a disappointed-looking reptile. Together, the group performs "critical" missions on Mars--like optimal route planning (from the cafeteria to the rec room). Brown's (the Lucy & Andy Neanderthal series) signature cartoon style amplifies the humor, using facial expressions to convey exaggerated emotion. Gags and humorous dialogue make the book's subtle lessons palatable as Brown touts the importance of environmentalism, humility, and equality. Taking enjoyable liberty with science's machinations, this science fiction graphic novel captures a cavalcade of fun through a low-stakes plot. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8--12. (June)

Kirkus Review

A space adventure with extraterrestrials, zero gravity, and a spaceship built inside an asteroid called the Potato, acronym for "Property Of The Alien Transportation Organization." In this graphic novel's preface, set in 2206, an ET exits a spaceship to announce that sometimes UFOs are airplanes, but sometimes, they transport beings like himself. The ET leaves but returns five minutes later to deliver the same message. The pointy-eared beings are all clones named Tobey, and they belong to a group of beings from all across the Milky Way. Thus begins this outer-space episode that emphasizes silliness over plot. Ten years later, Tobey and Cmdr. Gusevich visit The Earth School for Space Mission Preparation and select Petra Novak and Jide Eshetu for a space mission to Mars. Upon their landing, a sentient robot takes them to the Mars Base, where a host of other beings wait to meet them. Petra and Jide enjoy learning about these friendly beings and spending time on Mars. While readers might enjoy Brown's busy, paneled cartoons and gross humor (snot and toenails are considered edible), they will likely have trouble discerning science facts from science fiction. Throughout this episodic plot, the beings from other worlds function much like humans, reinforcing a bland, we-are-all-alike message rather than providing readers with a provocative take on the meeting of cultures. Petra, Jide, and Cmdr. Gusevich are all characters of color. A mildly entertaining read for young space enthusiasts. (author's note) (Graphic science fiction. 8-12) Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Booklist Review

It's 2216, and with the help of a rather braggy alien named Tobey (actually, everyone in his entire clone species is named Tobey), humans have advanced to the point where they're ready for galactic space travel. Problem is, "adult humans can be pretty whiny," so the students at the Earth School for Space Mission Preparation are tested to find the two best candidates. Turns out that's irreverent-but-brilliant Petra Novak and cautious-but-equally-brilliant Jide Eshetu, who embark on a journey through space to Mars and beyond, along with a cast of imaginatively conceived aliens, conducting experiments and avoiding adult supervision. Filled with absurdism and irony that still leaves room for a good old-fashioned butt joke or two, the story is peppered with fascinating space-science theory: A space-elevator! A spaceship carved out of an asteroid! A zero-gravity shower! And plenty more where those came from. Panels generously crammed with Brown's signature childlike figures and hand-lettered word balloons give it all a charmingly handmade feel. Brimming over with ideas, humor, and the author's infectious excitement.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: New York Times best-selling, Eisner-winning Brown's new, space-oriented adventure is primed to please the growing legions of young graphic novel fans.