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Gamers and streamers
Gamers and streamers


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Gaming for a living -- The start of video gaming culture -- The rise of streams -- Going live! -- Next-level streaming -- Types of video game content -- Going viral! -- The world of eSports -- It takes a team -- Streaming exercise -- Staying safe online -- The future of gaming and streaming.
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"No longer are sports played only on a field or in an arena. Professional gaming leagues are gaining worldwide recognition for their exciting competitions and star players, most of whom rose to fame through online streaming. From the first video game tournament held in 1972 to today, gaming has come a long way. Major sports organizations, like the NBA and MLS, are sponsoring their own eSports leagues! This attention-grabbing volume dives into the rise of online games, the gamers who play them, and how gamers make a living as full-time streamers. Also discussed are online privacy best practices"--