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As a woman : what I learned about power, sex, and the patriarchy after I transitioned
First Atria Books hardcover edition.
Physical Description:
x, 241 pages ; 24 cm.
What you write this for -- Introduction: Trusting the flow -- My wedding night -- A gender revealed -- The problem with puberty -- Escaping the fires of hell -- Till death do us part -- Life together -- Will this decision enhance your life or diminish it? -- A call to deny -- Telling our children -- Time before a time -- Eighteen days in December -- The darkest night -- Hope unfolding -- A new church and new life -- Dying before dying -- Life is easier for men -- What I wish I could tell Paul -- Just-in-time grace -- Religions of hate, religions of love -- Gender and sexuality -- For the greater good.
Personal Subject:
"As a father of three, married, and holding several prominent jobs within the Christian community, Williams made the life-changing decision to physically transition from male to female at the age of sixty. Almost instantly, her power and influence in the evangelical world disappeared and her family had to grapple with intense feelings of loss and confusion. Struggling to create a new safe space for herself where she could reconcile her faith, her identity, and her desire to be a leader, Williams found that the key to her new career as a woman came with a deeper awareness of the inequities she had overlooked before her transition. In pulling back the curtain on her transition journey, Williams sheds light on the gendered landscape that impacts many in the LGBTQ+ community. She urges men to recognize the ways in which the world is tilted in their favor and validates the experiences of women who have been disregarded based solely on their gender." --