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Renewed by dawn : 1871-1872
Renewed by dawn : 1871-1872
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493 pages ; 21 cm.
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America continues the struggle to become a country for everyone... When chaos swirls through America, can hope be renewed by dawn? Moses and Rose are pulled into drama erupting in South Carolina. When it spills over to the plantation, will their family grow? Racial tensions boil over into violence and murder during the Philadelphia elections. Carrie, Janie and Florence join hands with the clinic to work together once more. Peter's trip to a journalism conference lands him in the midst of one of America's greatest tragedies. Matthew and Harold have a front row seat as a corrupt politician is brought down. Flu grips the plantation, pushing Carrie and Janie to their limits. The holidays are especially joyful as another marriage is celebrated and they find reasons for renewed hope. When everyone just wants a simple, clear future, each person finds they must hold on to the hope that each dawn brings.