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Divorce & money : make the best financial decisions during divorce
13th ed.
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522 pages ; 23 cm.
Introduction: Your financial companion during divorce -- Legal vs. financial realities of divorce -- Financial realities no one talks about -- Emotional divorce : managing the "money crazies" -- The hardest part : is my marriage really over? -- The separation : what happens when one spouse moves out? -- Closing the books : what do we do with joint property? -- Getting help : whom can I turn to? -- Financial fact-finding : what must I know and when must I know it? -- Facing the future : what must I plan for? -- Protecting against risks to life, health, and property -- Taxes : how do I file and pay? -- Property and expenses : who owns and who owes what? -- What will happen to the house? -- Retirement benefits : who gets what? -- Financial investments : how do we divide the portfolio pie? -- Evaluating employee benefits and stock options -- How will we divide debts? -- Child support or alimony : what might I pay or receive? -- Negotiating and finalizing the best possible settlement -- After the divorce : how do I get from "we" to "me"?
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All the information you need to split your assets, easily and fairly. Major financial decisions are often overwhelming, but they can feel downright impossible when you're in the midst of a divorce. Turn to Divorce & Money, the acclaimed guide that translates complex financial concepts into plain language to help you: create a cash flow statement using your income and expenses, uncover your spouse's financial information, determine the value of real estate, retirement accounts, and other assets, understand how child support and alimony are calculated, divide your property and debts fairly, negotiate a comprehensive settlement, achieve financial stability after divorce, and learn when and how to talk to a professional (attorney, tax adviser, or appraiser).