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Secrets of the sea
Physical Description:
83 pages : color illustrations ; 30 cm
Introduction -- In the Shallows (Shallow Sea). Common blenny ; coconut octopus ; European lobster ; horseshoe crab ; daphnia ; sea sparkle ; bryozoa ; common sea star -- Forests of the Sea (Kelp Forest). Giant kelp ; cyanobacteria ; hooded nudibranch ; fish gills ; purple sea urchin ; diatoms -- Coral Gardens (Coral Reef). Coral polyp ; galaxy coral ; zooxanthellae ; pygmy sea horse ; bubble coral shrimp ; giant clam ; queen parrotfish ; zooplankton ; foraminifera -- The Wide, Wide Blue (Open Ocean). The blue dragon and man-of-war ; sea butterfly ; sea angel ; moon jelly ; radiolaria ; acantharea -- Into the Deep (Deep Sea). Giant Pacific octopus ; swordtail squid ; deep-sea siphonophore ; atolla jelly ; giant tube worms ; radiolarian ooze.
Added Author:
Traveling from the rock pools of the shoreline to the deepest depths of the ocean, a blending of illustrations and facts about marine animals provides an introduction to some of the ocean's rarely seen creatures.
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