Cover image for Farewell, my Subaru : an epic adventure in local living
Farewell, my Subaru : an epic adventure in local living
Farewell, my Subaru : an epic adventure in local living
1st ed.
Publication Information:
New York : Villard, 2008.
Physical Description:
xii, 210 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
The parking brake wake-up call -- A land like matzo -- Last exit to Wal-Mart -- Livestock shopping in the digital age -- How a former suburbanite can wake up as a full-time goat vet -- The carbon neutral patriot -- The ridiculously oversized American truck -- The kung pao smokescreen -- Diabetes for the earth -- Windmill surfing -- Modern snake charming -- Toxic turbulence -- Smiles, everyone : an on-site inspection of the Funky Butte Ranch -- The Funky Butte Ranch opens a chicken buffet -- Worse then Elmer Fudd -- Chicken Little was right to be worried -- Reaping rewards.
Personal Subject:
Like many Americans, Doug Fine enjoys his creature comforts, but he also knows full well they keep him addicted to oil. So he wonders: Is it possible to keep his Netflix and his car, his Wi-Fi and his subwoofers, and still reduce his carbon footprint? In an attempt to find out, Fine moves to a remote ranch in New Mexico, where he brazenly vows to grow his own food, use sunlight to power his world, and drive on restaurant grease. Never mind that he has no farming, mechanical or electrical skills. Whether installing solar panels, defending goats he found on Craigslist against coyotes, or co-opting waste oil from a local restaurant to fill the tank in his Ridiculously Oversized American Truck, Fine's undertaking makes one thing clear: It ain't easy being green. In fact, his journey uncovers a slew of surprising facts about alternative energy, organic and locally grown food, and climate change--Publisher.