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Cover image for The Black period : on personhood, race, and origin
The Black period : on personhood, race, and origin
First edition.
Physical Description:
xxvii, 407 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm.
Age I, Reverberation, Reverberation : The Body -- Age II, Simulacra : Identity Wars -- Age III, Kujichagulia : Self-Determination -- Age IV, God's Country : Narrative -- Age V, Theatre of Forgiveness : Black Rage -- Age VI, A Political Condition : Luck -- Age VII, The Way Light Holds the Blues : Queer -- Age VIII, On Haints : Transformation -- Age IX, This Can Still Happen Anywhere : Testimony -- Age X, Where the People Could Fly : Resilience -- Age XI, Earth, Wind & Fire : Revelations -- Age XII, Weighing of the Hearts : Joy -- Age XIII, Me, We! Muhammad Ali! : Love -- The Black Period : Rememory -- Epilogue : Black light.
"Hafizah Augustus Geter disrupts the myths of America's origins and contemporary America through her experiences as the queer Nigerian-born daughter of a Muslim Nigerian woman and a Black American man from a Southern Baptist family in Jim Crow Alabama. A unique combination of gripping memoir and Afrofuturist thought, The Black Period follows Hafizah on a journey that tells her at every turn she's not worthy. At the same time, she manages to sidestep shame, confront disability, embrace forgiveness, and emerge from the erasures America imposes to exist proudly and unabashedly as herself. Penetrative and heartening, The Black Period captures a world brimming with potential, art, music, hope, and love despite the lasting effects of white supremacy." --
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