Minecraft at Washington County Library

About Washington County Library's Minecraft server

Washington County Library is constantly working to improve its Minecraft server for the public. The current server is hosted by Serverminer.com and is running Spigot 1.8.8 using a lightweight SMpicnic Control Panel. Plug-ins are installed using an FTP client such as FileZilla. There is also the option to install plug-ins using the Control Panel, but it is often easier to research the plug-ins, find the right versions, and install them without using that interface. I reccomend you test your plugins on a local server first.

Washington County Library started with the latest CraftBukkit server JAR but shortly before going live switched to Spigot because of the performance enhancement and compatibility of some key plug-ins. Spigot is basically a fork of CraftBukkit that has been written more efficiently. Most plug-ins will work with either server software.

Which plug-ins does Washington County Library use?

We are using over 30 plugins on our server to help enhance gameplay. These are a few of the plugins currently in use. New plugins are being introduced as they get tested out for compatibility and need.

Grief Prevention
Prevents players from creating havoc on land that has been claimed by players
Multiverse Core
Manages multiple worlds
Provides a nice welcome message from the library
Filters and kicks out players using bad language
Enables players to use chests to keep items protected
Provides all the basic essentials
Pex is the permissions manager WCL uses for Minecraft
Sets inventories between worlds