Minecraft at Washington County Library

Build Contest on the Library Minecraft Server


In the spirit of the centuries old Olympic games, we have a new challenge for you. In honor of this year’s summer games, the Washington County library will be holding a contest to see who can build the best Olympic facility. Between August 8-13th, we challenge you to build the most impressive Olympic facility. Examples could be, but are not limited to stadiums, fields, tracks, arenas and other types of sports centers. Players are encouraged to work together. In the spirit of the games, you can even choose a country to represent for this challenge (don’t forget your country’s flag). Olympic facilities will be judged by creativity, detail, uniqueness, maneuverability and consistency of décor, most natural, and most futuristic.


  • Players or teams will claim a plot of land in the Build World on the Library server. See the Player page for instructions on how to get whitelisted on the server.
  • Get to the Build World by going through the Build Portal in the library or typing /warp build from anywhere on the server.
  • Go to an unclaimed plot (one with a gray stone border) and claim it by typing /p claim. On this land you will build your Olympic facility. The facility must be completed by August 13th at 5pm (library close).


Players can work on this contest individually, in pairs, or on full teams. If you want to work together, your pair or team will have to decide who wants to claim the land. Once someone has claimed the land, they can trust the other participants on their team. To do this, type

/p trust {username}

A new command will have to be entered into the game for every player a land claimer would like to “trust” on their team. Once the command is entered, that player can then build on the plot of land claimed.

Past build events

March 2016 Build Event


  • You must build in the build world and use only one plot.
  • Your build must be original and not an old build or plagiarized from somebody else. Originality is key.
  • You must use the default texture pack. This is a build contest, not a texturing contest.
  • One entry per user. Update your submission as much as you want during build week, but do remember that once the build period has ended, you won't be allowed to edit your submission any more.
  • You may not use any tools that produce an output for you.
  • No mods. Must be vanilla Minecraft, 1.8.9 or below.

Build Contest Commands

/warp build
Use this command to warp to the build contest world. It is only available during build events. You can also use the portal located inside the library to get to the build world.
/p claim
Claim the plot you are standing on. The plot needs to be available, meaning it hasn't been claimed yet.
/p home
Teleport back to your home plot.
/p clear
Clear your plot to default state. Must confirm with /plot confirm.

Grand Prize

The player or players who build the winning entry will be promoted on the server and will receive extra privileges! The winner will be announced the week after the contest.